UnravelCloud helps organizations create a roadmap to build a cloud strategy

Many organizations adopt cloud computing to cut costs and increase speed to market. Through process improvement, cloud can increase productivity, reduce costs across IT infrastructure and has potential to impact the entire business. Cloud is more than a low-cost solution to scale IT capacity, it is a tool to drive out the cost, reduce time to market, and transform the workplace and business outcomes.

Cloud Strategy and Transformation Roadmap

UnravelCloud Strategy Solutions help senior leadership teams understand how the cloud can be used to improve communication and optimize informed C-level decision making. UnravelCloud solutions address the business value of adopting cloud-based systems, cloud implementation and migration, technical implications of cloud, and the impact on the enterprise.

  • UnravelCloud helps organization leaders to define future state vision and develop a cloud strategy and cloud service models for successful migration to the cloud.
  • We use our experience and expertise to determine which business and IT assets are most well-matched for cloud migration and identify business-relevant cloud services.
  • UnravelCloud provides a results-driven, well-organized, systematic approach to your cloud project.
  • UnravelCloud drives consistency across all suppliers while giving our clients a single point of contact and accountability.
  • We craft a revenue generation model for your cloud services, estimate cloud ROI, and choose the most effective cloud platform.
Cloud Strategy


We Make Your Complex Cloud Easier – Our experts have one common goal : To support your cloud needs and ensure success.


UnravelCloud enhances user visibility and helps you control cloud costs, usage, and security. Our services enhance transparency across multi-cloud environment to drive more informed decision making.

UnravelCloud provides daily visibility into month-to-date costs and an estimate of end-of-month spending.

Find your underutilized resources

Track resource-level usage and identify underutilized resources.

Monitor your cost & resource utilization of multi-platform/infrastructure on the same dashboard.

Reduce waste and improve your cloud efficiency year over year.

Cloud Optimization, Cloud Visibility

No More Surprises

UnravelCloud provides budget services and daily reports that notify the spender when they’re at risk of going over-budget.


UnravelCloud provides comprehensive prebuilt container packages with necessary tools and technologies.

Easy Reports & Recommendations

UnravelCloud provides you simple reports of cost by Business Units, Accounts, and Services.

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