UnravelCloud is a one-stop solution that gives organization leaders a clear roadmap for identifying and recommending actions needed to Optimize Cost, strengthen Cloud Security, Health and Monitoring, CI/CD Configuration Management, and beyond.

Our Solutions

UnravelCloud provides exceptional value, strategy, security, and reliability that delivers comprehensive, results-driven solutions for cloud management needs that. We unravelCloud and enable organizations to grow their businesses toward superior end results, multiple solutions for Cost and Usage, Health and Monitoring, and Security to stay within budget.

UnravelCloud Consulting Services

Executive Leadership


CEO & Product Owner

Raj Kessireddy has 15 years of diverse experience in the IT industry and began his career working for Big Four companies. Kessireddy started his journey of entrepreneurship by starting a successful IT consulting and staffing firm. Raj Kessireddy exemplifies the commitment of helping clients to achieve high performance. He is a proven leader with comprehensive experience in developing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams, and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.


Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing

Mark Melberg, the Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing, has over 20 years of a wide range of experience in Technology Sales and Technology Consulting Services with a focus on customer satisfaction. Melberg has held leadership roles in sales, marketing, and corporate development in the industry’s largest and most respected companies.



Bharath Chakravarthy provides the leadership for boosting technology excellence across the company with an emphasis on emerging technologies and web application domains. Chakravarthy has spent 15 years in software architecture and application domain and has played a key role in evolving business to respond to industry changes such as cloud computing and serverless architecture. Chakravarthy builds strategic and comprehensive cloud management programs and provides hands-on technical guidance on our cloud infrastructure to ensure performance, data protection, and compliance across the entire organization.


We Make Your Complex Cloud Easier – Our experts have one common goal : To support your cloud needs and ensure success.


UnravelCloud enhances user visibility and helps you control cloud costs, usage, and security. Our services enhance transparency across multi-cloud environment to drive more informed decision making.

UnravelCloud provides daily visibility into month-to-date costs and an estimate of end-of-month spending.

Find your underutilized resources

Track resource-level usage and identify underutilized resources.

Monitor your cost & resource utilization of multi-platform/infrastructure on the same dashboard.

Reduce waste and improve your cloud efficiency year over year.

Cloud Optimization, Cloud Visibility

No More Surprises

UnravelCloud provides budget services and daily reports that notify the spender when they’re at risk of going over-budget.


UnravelCloud provides comprehensive prebuilt container packages with necessary tools and technologies.

Easy Reports & Recommendations

UnravelCloud provides you simple reports of cost by Business Units, Accounts, and Services.

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