Unravel Features


UnravelCloud provides customizable dashboards with information and function tailored to application, business unit, and/or roles within an organization.

  • UnravelCloud tracks cost and data usage accurately from all the cloud vendors in a timely manner.
  • Cost and usage reports: UnravelCloud provides cloud visibility and control at an asset level.
  • UnravelCloud dashboard provides month-to-date spend and monthly estimated spend for quick and efficient understanding of customers.

Cost Management Reports

  • Identify which departments, teams or applications are driving the cloud spend. UnravelCloud enables you to break down the cloud spent, assign to business groups across the organization, and then forecast the monthly spend.
  • UnravelCloud also makes it easy to distribute the budget across business groups that make sense for your organization. This includes services across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Predictive Budget

  • Budgets are fixed against Views that define the set of accounts and services that map to organizational and financial reporting structure.
  • Get notifications and alerts for the budget threshold.
  • Receive an alert for when we predict you are on the path to exceeding the budget limit.


UnravelCloud Forecast allows you to track and manage the historical, ongoing, and forecasted cloud costs with visibility across the multi-cloud infrastructure.

  • UnravelCloud provides low, expected, and high range forecast.
  • Unravel Budget Forecasting tool provides consumption reporting and cost-transparency that can compile usage, cost, and price metrics.

EC2 Efficiency

UnravelCloud monitors the performance of EC2 instances, provides current and historical EC2 performance patterns and anomalies, and offers solutions to address them.

Optimizing Spend

UnravelCloud provides unbiased recommendations to improve cost savings across cloud providers and services with the best rate and utilization in an integrated single pane.

  • Using UnravelCloud, you can implement best practices and put governance in place for enhanced cost management and optimization.
  • UnravelCloud provides visibility into hidden resource costs such as aged snapshots, underutilized infrastructure, and much more.

Global Filters

Unravel Global Filters allow you to filter the data across all dashboards and reports. There are set filters based on combinations such as Account Name, Account ID, Business Unit, Region Name, Type, and Cost.

Notifications On Reservations

UnravelCloud provides a powerful alerting feature to notify you of conditions that might impact the cost, availability, and performance of infrastructure. Organizations can also set alerts on underutilized and expiration reservations. By setting the thresholds, organizations can proactivity be notified of underutilization within RI investments.

Usage Costs

The Unravel Cost and Usage Report is a single location to access comprehensive information about your costs and usage. The Unravel Cost and Usage Report lists usage for each cloud service category used by an account and its users in hourly or daily line items.

Cost Estimation

We generated an estimation tool that allows you to calculate the monthly cost for using cloud services. This tool incorporates the latest pricing changes including the tiered pricing model to estimate monthly bills, determine best and worst case scenarios, and identify areas of development to reduce monthly costs.

Daily Costs

We deliver separate daily reports that include usage data from the preceding day and the last period. Data in these reports are immutable, meaning that Compute Engine will not update or rewrite the log file if there are inaccuracies. Instead, the data is corrected in the next new report that is delivered to the bucket.

Interactive Reports

UnravelCloud report contains line items for each unique combination of costs by feature, application, business units, custom tags, and regions. UnravelCloud provides complete transparency through detailed reporting by business unit, service type, and visibility into spending by day, week, month, and year. This visibility also enables the organization to identify unallocated charges or services that have been purchased but are not authorized or in acquiescence with business policies.

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